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下肢靜脈曲張常見症狀與鑑別診斷 Common symptoms of varicose veins and differential diagnosis

靜脈曲張是慢性下肢靜脈功能不全的一個外在表現,主要是因為長期的靜脈血液逆流或阻塞造成下肢靜脈壓過高引起。臨床上常見的幾個症狀包括: 下肢沉重感、痠痛、腫脹、抽痛、癢、熱、麻麻刺刺感、抽筋、皮膚顏色變深等。在門診常常會看到許多這樣的病人,然而要注意的是,並非所有上述症狀都歸因於靜脈曲張,有些類似的症狀可能是其他問題引起。很多時候,鑑別診斷可以經由病史與理學檢查就能區分出來。有時進一步以超音波檢查會使情況更加明瞭。

  Varicose vein is the clinical manifestation of chronic venous insufficiency. The main cause is venous hypertension resulting from long-term venous reflux or obstruction. The common symptoms of varicose veins include heaviness, aching, swelling, throbbing, itching, hotness, sting sensation, leg cramp and skin darkening. Many patients come to our clinic with the presentations of these symptoms. However, not all of them can be attributed to varicose veins. Other diseases such as spinal nerve compression, tendinitis, arthritis, vasculitis have similar symptoms. Differential diagnosis can be made by patients' history and physical examiantion. Sometimes, ultrasound examination is helpful for further verfication of the diagnosis.  


  一位30幾歲女性到門診,主訴雙腳小腿疼痛與輕微腫脹有一、兩年的時間,比較嚴重是右小腿外側,由於雙腳都有靜脈曲張,因此懷疑是否是這個問題引起 (圖一、二)。

Aching leg: 

  a 30-year-old female came to our clinic with the chief complains of aching and mild swollen sensation of both calves for one to two years. The outer side of right calf is most severe part. She had spider veins and reticular veins on both legs and attributed the symptoms to the venous problems (Fig 1 & 2).

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