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The treatment cost for varicose veins
The treatment cost of varicose vein depends on the type, severity, and extent of your varicose veins. General speaking, most varicose veins (example as Figure 1) need minimally-invasive laser surgery (endovenous laser ablation, EVLA or EVLT) or the new cyanoacrylate (superglue) venous closure surgery (Venaseal, Variclose, etc) while most spider veins (example as Figure 2) need micro-sclerotherapy. However, this is just the preliminary estimation. The varicose veins or spider veins appearing on the skin surface are just a part of the whole disease. Many others are embedded under the dermis. The physician should find all of them before starting treatment. It is hard to judge the true source of the disease by only looking at the gross appearance. In most circumstances, patients need to receive vascular ultrasound or transillumination device for showing the whole picture of the varicose veins and spider veins. 

The EVLA cost
In general, the cost of most minimally-invasive laser surgery is between TWD $70,000 ~ $90,000 for one leg or TWD $80,000 ~ $130,000 for two legs at the same surgery. The surgical time is 45~120 minutes for one leg. 
The micro-sclerotherapy cost
Each session of micro-sclerotherapy cost between TWD $10,000 and $16,000. Each session is 25~40 minutes. The total treatment costs for two legs vary due to different severity, extent, and numbers of the spider veins. Patients may need multiple sessions for the complete resolution of the spider veins of both legs. The higher the severity, the more the treatment sessions and the higher total cost accordingly. Some patient has only a small area of spider veins whose total treatment cost may be lower than TWD $8,000.

Combination of EVLA and sclerotherapy
Some patients have concomitant varicose veins and spider veins on their legs and require combination of EVLA and one or multiple sessions of post-EVLA sclerotherapy (example as Figure 3). The cost can be determined after full evaluation by your doctor. 

The cost of cyanoacrylate venous closure surgery (superglue)
The cyanoacrylate venous closure is a kind of so-called "no-tumescent no-thermal ablation surgery". Most patients with bulging varicose veins can be treated with this type of surgery (Figure 1). The treatment cost of one leg is between TWD $90,000-110,000, depending on whether additional post-surgical sclerotherapy is necessary. The cost of both legs treated at the same time is between TWD $120,000-150,000, depending on whether additional post-surgical sclerotherapy is necessary .    

Treatment timing for varicose vein
The varicose veins or spider veins belong to the disease category of chronic venous insufficiency. The disease nature is irreversibly progressive. It can not be reversed by oral medicines, topical drugs, exercise, wearing compression stockings or elevation of legs. However, owing to the slow progression, the disease is usually neglected by most people. The treatment cost and time and post-treatment recovery are related to the timing of the medical intervention. When the disease is treated in the early stage, its cost is low and time is short and the chance of complete recovery is high. On the contrary, the cost and time will be high when the disease is treated in the late stage, such as with the complications of skin darkening, thickening or ulcer. 

<The cost is subject to the fluctuation of the cost of imported medical devices and medications>

engorged veins

Figure 1 Varicose vein

spider veins

Figure 2 Spider veins

combined big and small vein

Figure 3 Mixed varicose veins and spider veins

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