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Facial Veins

※ The treatment results may vary from person to person. Please consult the doctor before treatment.

Facial Veins //

Many people are bothered by the prominent facial veins. There are two types of the unsightly facial veins, the blue veins and the red tiny veins. The former are frequently found under the eyes  (Figure 1) or over the temporal areas while the latter usually distribute over the cheeks (Figure 2) and nose (Figure 3). Although most of the veins are not harmful, they are troublesome for the cosmetic reason. 


1. Hereditary or genetic factors

2. Excessive exposure to sunlight or strong wind

3. Medicine causing vessel dilation

4. Excesssive alcohol consumption

5. Skin trauma

6. Acne

7. Autoimmune disorders


The tiny red veins usually respond well to laser treatment. In most situations, they vanish after one to two treatment sessions. However, these tiny red veins may recurred due to personal physical condition. Useful laser types for the facial vein treatment include 980nm diode laser, Nd-YAG 1064nm long-pulse laser, 532nm long-pulse laser, pulse-dye laser, etc.


For the larger blue veins below the eyes or over temporal and jaw regions, sclerotherapy provides excellent results. The veins usually vanish permanently after successful intravenous injection. Sclerotherapy for the facial veins is a highly technique-dependent procedure. Accurate intravenous injection is the key to a successful treatment. Potential side effects of sclerotherapy of the facial veins include localized skin necrosis. So please consult your doctor before treatment. 

Facial Veins eyes

Figure 1

Facial Veins spider veins

Figure 2

Facial Veins obvious

Figure 3

Before and After //

48 Y/F

Facial Vein treat result

39 Y/F

facial veins treatment


facial vein treatment
facial vein treatment

37 Y/M   Lip Venous Lake

lip venous lake treatment

37 Y/F

Facial Veins obvious treatment

33 Y/F

Facial Veins treatment
Facial Veins treatment

63 Y/F

facial veins obvious
facial obvious vein treatment
※ The treatment results may vary from person to person. Please consult the doctor before treatment.
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