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Vein Disease

※ The treatment results may vary from person to person. Please consult the doctor before treatment.

Ultrasound Examination //


A detailed and precise examination is paramount to a perfect treatment result !


At your first consultation, the doctor will do a complete physical examination for you. A duplex ultrasound scan will be suggested to you to understand the venous function and anatomy of your lower limbs. The origins of your leg vein problems will be accurately located and then plotted on a special examination sheet. Example of the duplex ultrasound scan result is as Figure 1.

Duplex ultrasound varicose vein

Figure 1

A hand-held Doppler examination is frequently used to check reflux of the visible blue reticular veins under your skin. An example is as the following video: 

A full examination usually takes about 20 to 40 minutes. Standing is the standard position during the examination (Figure 2). However, if you have severe arthritis, back disorder, leg weakness, history of stroke, or any other reason making standing unbearable, please tell the examiner. We have a special tilting bed for you.

Ultrasound varicose vein

Figure 2

 A complete ultrasound examination includes the following points (Figure 3)


  • The exent and degree of venous reflux


  • Existence of any acute or chronic obstruction


  • Vessel diameters


  • The distance between the vessel and skin


  • Hypoplasia, aplasia or duplication of the vessels


  • Existence of any appendix vessel


  • The anatomy of branch vessles


  • Blood flow of the perforating veins and deep veins

Vein anatomy

Figure 3

※ The treatment results may vary from person to person. Please consult the doctor before treatment.
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